Episerver Commerce

Episerver Commerce is the only .NET based corporate eBusiness platform with a built-in CRM. Episerver Commerce has a powerful development environment that helps your IT team streamline business processes and create unique customer experiences. Episerver Commerce is made for innovation, and its modular framework gives your site the freedom to transform, adapt and grow to meet your business needs. Episerver Commerce uses open source standards that help even the biggest webstore integrate with CRM and ERP systems. This makes it easy to provide a seamless customer experience.

Episerver Commerce tehokkaampaan verkkokaupankäyntiin.

Episerver Commerce - Powerful campaigns in a versatile environment

With Episerver Commerce you are able to sell more, faster and with less trouble. In today's commercial world, speed and agility are valuable concepts. If it takes days to create a single online campaign, you may already be too late. The plethora of content management and optimization tools in Episerver Commerce help you create targeted campaigns quickly, with the possibility of testing and optimizing them easily. Simultaneously, valuable data is collected, which in turn generates more business opportunities for your company. The system also supports setting up and monitoring different sales goals.

Episerver Commerce and Google Analytics

Web analytics is one of the most important tools in online marketing. In order to succeed, the most important thing to understand is what kind of content works and what doesn't – and most importantly why. Episerver Commerce has Google Analytics built in. It helps you to gather relevant information about your site, and to analyze and react to that information correctly. With the web analytics tools in Episerver Commerce, you can respond to changes immediately and thus update content more effectively.

Easier mobile commerce with Episerver Commerce

The increased use of mobile technology in society creates an ever increasing need for mobile compatability in eCommerce solutions. Marketing content targeted to multiple different devices is becoming a thing of the past. With Episerver Commerce the content can be automatically optimized for mobile, desktop and tablet use. This helps to create a unified appearance for your brand, and offers your customers the shopping experience they choose. Content can also be personalised for different customer groups, devices and contexts. This way, every mobile visit has the potential to multiply your revenue.

Search engine friendly eCommerce platform

Optimizing webstores for search engines can be a tiring and time consuming process, but it is vital for your site's reachability and discoverability. Episerver Commerce eases search engine optimization by offering you real-time SEO tips and tricks. The content analysis tool, incorporated into the CMS, can suggest suitable keywords for your site content on the fly. The tool also shows related search terms for the selected keywords, estimating the number of searches and the amount of competition – all based on Google's vast statistical data. This way, it will be easier for you to find the right keywords that not only increase the incoming traffic for your site, but are also a good starting point for search engine marketing.

Episerver Commerce includes a powerful search service

With Episerver Commerce you can create a tailored search experience for your customers, that helps them find what they're looking for easily and intuitively. As a result, your customers get better service, find the products and services they are searching for, and are much more likely to revisit your site. Simultaneously, every search performed on your site gives you a new opportunity to learn about your customers, their needs, and their behaviour.

In Avenla, we have years of experience in designing, developing, managing and training users for Episerver based eCommerce solutions. We are more than happy to show you the opportunities, perks and benefits of Episerver Commerce.

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