Episerver CMS

Episerver CMS introduces a brand new way of working with digital content, offering the means to create and market your site content smarter and faster than ever before.

Episerver CMS -julkaisujärjestelmä Avenlalta

Episerver CSM and responsive layouts

The number of different devices that consumers use today is overwhelming, creating a whole new set of requirements for digital content. Responsiveness has been one of the main concerns in designing Episerver CMS, which eases the content optimization for both mobile and traditional environments. The content and layout can be automatically adjusted to meet the needs of different devices and individual users.

With Episerver you get what you see

With Episerver CMS you can create and experience content simultaneously. With different preview modes you are able to see the content just like the visitors will, regardless of device. All of the CMS tools are available on every step of the content creation, and the different preview modes can be toggled with a single button. In addition to the device preview modes, you also have the possibility of viewing how the content is shown when shared on social media, sent as an email, or even when printed out. These different content channels can easily be modified on the fly, and added when necessary.

Create smart content that adapts to its environment

The content created in Episerver CMS is smart. Meaning, that once created, the content can be used across your entire site, with any screen or device, adapting automatically to every environment. Different versions of the same piece of content can be created, offering the system a chance to learn from the users of your site and, in the future, choosing automatically which version of the created content should be displayed to whom. Episerver CMS stores all of the created content in a single content library. This way, all of the content is created only once, which eases content updates and modifications. Episerver CMS supports content localization.

Episerver CMS as a social media tool

Episerver enables you to communicate efficiently and organically across the social media field. You can post updates for different social media platforms in one place, modifying the message to meet the demands of the individual channels, in order to save time and effort. As a result, traffic to your site increases. Episerver CMS includes a campaign analytics tool, that shows you real-time data on each channel's use.

Episerver CMS and web analytics

Web analytics is one of the most important tools when developing digital content. In order to succeed, one must understand what kind of content works and what does not - and, most importantly, why. Episerver has Google Analytics tools built in. It gives you relevant information about your site metrics, such as page loads, viewed videos or conversions, in its own tab. These tools make reacting to changes and updating content easy and effortless.

Search engine optimization with Episerver CMS

Optimizing a site for search engines is often a tedious and time consuming process, but for your site's visibility it is vital. The text analytics tool in Episerver CMS can suggest suitable keywords on-the-fly. This way you find the right search terms easily and your chances of creating more traffic increase. Content can be modified based on SEO tips from the CMS, which is updated in real-time. The keyword analysis tool shows you terms closely affiliated with the selected keywords, estimating the number of searches made and the level of competition – all based on Google's vast statistical data.

Robust search with Episerver CMS

Technology and user behaviour meet in information retrieval, and the search engine is where it happens. Episerver's search service has impoved tremendously over the 12+ years it has been in use. It is possible to create a fully customized search experience for your users, so that they can easily and intuitively find what they are looking for. When your clients experience good service and find what they need, they are more likely to return more frequently. At the same time, every search done on your site helps you learn more about your visitors, their needs and behaviour.

Episerver CMS is a stable and safe choice for your site's content management system. We are more than happy to show you more about its possibilites, perks and benefits.

You could also just have turned your screen upside-down.